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Why Go With a Guide?

You might say to yourself “I’ve got my own 4×4 and a map, why should I spend the money on a guide?” Well we’ll tell you why!

  • Safety-Conditions can change in an instant in the high mountains of Colorado. What started out as a beautiful summer day in the valley could easily turn into a blizzard at 13,000 ft! We constantly monitor weather and trail conditions and are prepared for anything! JJ is certified in First Aid and CPR and carries a well stocked 1st aid kit as well as an emergency rescue beacon. He will walk you through a technical section of trail if needed or make sure you don’t get in over your head.
  • Local Knowledge-The Gunnison Valley is a BIG place! Should you go left or right at that fork in the trail? To the left could be a dead end with no room to turn around and to the right could be the most gorgeous waterfall that you’ve ever seen! With 15 years of off-roading experience in the Valley, JJ knows where all the best spots are! You also might be wondering what the name of that flower is, or what the history of that old miner’s cabin is…well JJ knows!
  • Recovery-Unfortunately, bad things can happen in the backcountry. Whether it’s a vehicle breaking down or getting stuck or a health emergency, we have the equipment and knowledge to get you back to civilization safely.