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At JJ’s Jeeps, all our tours are private and what we call “Custom Guided”.  This means not only are you not crammed into a vehicle with a bunch of strangers, but the tour is also a customized experience catered to your needs and desires.  Want to stop for half an hour and take pictures of wildflowers? No problem.  Want to go for a hike to a waterfall or scenic overlook?  You got it!  Outside of the start/end time, the tour is completely on your schedule.  We also tailor our tour routes to each individual client based on the sights you want to see, time of year/day, and how “extreme” you want to get.  We will even pick you up wherever you are staying, so you don’t need to drive.  JJ’s Jeeps is also dog friendly, so you can bring your furry friends along!

We offer both full and half day tours.  Full day tours begin at 9am and run 6-8 hours in length.  Morning tours start at 9am and end between noon and 1pm.  Afternoon tours begin at 2pm and run until 5-6pm.  Our Jeeps can carry up to 6 passengers, but 3 of the seats are rather small, so if more than 3 members of your party are over 5’ 10” and/or 200 lbs we recommend booking 2 Jeeps.

Specialty Tours

Tagalong Tours

Own your own 4×4?  Want to take it off-roading but don’t know where to go?  JJ’s Jeeps has got your back!  Our local guides will show you the sights and keep you safe.  We will be in constant contact with you via provided radios to walk you through technical obstacles if needed.  But you have a map or one of these fancy new off-roading maps you say?  Well, they may keep you from getting lost, but they won’t tell you the name of that wildflower or the history of the area like our guides will.  And they certainly can’t pull you out if you get stuck!

Wildflower Tours

The mountains surrounding Crested Butte are already gorgeous, but during the summer months they erupt with every color of the rainbow as literally hundreds of different species of wildflowers come into bloom.  Crested Butte is the “Wildflower Capitol of Colorado” and words simply cannot describe the spectacular scenery during this time of year! The Crested Butte Wildflower Festival takes place every summer for 10 days starting in the 2nd Week of July.  JJ’s Jeeps has teamed up with the festival to offer Adventure Wildflower Tours!  Escape the crowds and get a little adrenaline in for good measure!  Wildflower Tours are booked through the festival at

Geology Tours

Are you a Rock Hound?  Do you want to learn about the incredible forces that created the gorgeous landscape around you?  The Gunnison Valley is world-renowned by geologists for its large variety of geological features from a broad range of periods throughout the earth’s history. Join JJ’s Jeeps and our resident geologist Dr. Amy Ellwein aka “Dr. Rock” as we travel back in time 1.7 billion years on our Geology Jeep Tours!  Learn about continental uplifts, vulcanism, and eroding forces that shaped the Gunnison Valley as we know it and learn how to identify various types of rocks and minerals.  Dr. Rock is a research professor at Western Colorado University and co-author of the book “Geology Underfoot on Colorado’s Western Slope”.  She has studied the geology of the Elk Mountains for almost 30 years! Call for availability, pricing, and route options.

Stand-Up Paddle Board Tours

Stand-Up paddle boarding, or “SUPing” as it’s called, is one of the fastest growing water sports in the world.  Originally from Hawaii, the activity has recently gained popularity in the mountains of Colorado.  Unfortunately, this has led to the more easily accessible lakes near Crested Butte to become rather crowded.  Fear not!  JJ’s Jeeps can take you to stunning alpine lakes only accessible by high clearance 4×4 where you will be the only person on the water!  Board rentals are $100/each on top of your tour fee.  We recommend only adding this to a full day tour, so you have time to enjoy the full experience, but there are a few half-day options if time is a constraint.